Demetra George Teaching Schedule

September 27-October 1, 2018

Portland, OR

Third Annual Hellenistic Astrology Retreat

Topic: The Twelve Houses

2018 Astrology retreat

The astrological houses describe the basic topics of our life journey.  Hellenistic astrology provides the conceptual framework that underlies and unifies the diverse meanings of each the twelve. This five-day retreat will provide an in-depth exploration of the origins of the houses, their classifications, and meanings as well as document how, when, and why over time some significations dropped out and others were added to the tradition. What criteria can be used to accept or reject new and contemporary meanings for the houses?

A workbook template will be presented for interpreting the meanings of planets in houses, integrating the planet’s condition, house location, houses it rules, as well as its own domicile lord. Learn how these multiple influences contribute to an overall evaluation of the topics of life such as health, wealth, siblings, parents, children, illness, marriage, death, travel, career, friends, and enemies.

Each day will be a combination of lecture, Q&A, discussion, small group work, and the opportunity to apply the techniques to one’s own chart under supervision. Expect many handouts and workbook exercises.

All levels of astrological background are welcome. For those who are new to traditional astrology, Alecs Garret, TA will offer an early morning tutorial covering the basics of assessing planetary condition as well as provide one on one help to participants during the course of the days. Tony Howard will host and record the teachings.

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