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The Life and Work of Demetra George

This interview recorded for Chris Brennan's Astrology Podcast features Demetra and Chris talking about her life's work in astrology.

Chris Brennan - The Life and Work of Astrologe

Video: 2016 Summer Astrology Retreat Info Session

In this pre-recorded webinar, Demetra talks about the intention behind her 2016 Summer Astrology Retreat in Portland, OR. She describes the format of the workshop and material to be presented.

The retreat will be presented at the historic Kennedy School in Portland, OR from July 11 through 15, 2016.

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Panel: From Ancient to Postmodern Astrology

In this archival recording from the UAC 2008, Demetra George joins a panel of astrologers including Rob Hand and Rick Levine to discuss the topic "From Ancient to Postmodern Astrology." This panel features some healthy, if feisty, debate in moments. But make sure you listen in around the 50 minute mark for a very eloquent comment by Demetra that was also applauded by the audience.

Rising Signs in Traditional Astrology

Demetra George was interviewed by Keny Bye for Engaged Heart on Rising Signs in Traditional Astrology in 2010.

New Book!

Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice

Get Demetra's latest book: the first of two volumes offering a practical and extensive teaching on using Hellenistic techniques in modern astrological practice.

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