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Cycladic Era “Frying Pans” and Hellenistic Time Lords

Cycladic Era Frying PanBeginning in the 19th century, over 100 frying-pan shaped vessels that date to 4400 to 2000 BCE have been found on the Cycladic Greek islands and surrounding mainland areas. Until recently, archaeologists could not determine their use and the meanings of their inscriptions. New research suggests that these vessels depict a very advanced calendrical knowledge of the movements of the planets relative to their synodic cycles with the Sun.

This discovery has the potential to completely overturn the accepted chronology that the Greeks were not aware of the astronomical cycles of the planets until after the 6th century BCE when this knowledge was transmitted from Babylonians.  It suggests instead that the Greeks were aware of the periodicities and synodic cycles of the planets more than 2000 years earlier than previously thought. (For more info see: M. Tsikritsis, X. Moussas, and D. Tsikritsis, “Astronomical and Mathematical Knowledge and Calendars During the Early Helladic Era in Aegean ‘Frying Pan’ Vessels,” )

A planet’s synodic cycle is the amount of time it takes between one conjunction with the Sun and the next conjunction as seen from Earth. Various frying pans have grooves corresponding to the number of days of the synodic cycles for each of the planets. Small paint pots were found alongside many of them, suggesting that each day a groove was filled with paint and used as a calendar.

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Mythic Asteroids in Wonder Woman

Demetra George Greece 2017

I have just returned from Greece where I participated in an exquisite international conference in Crete hosted by Hakan Kirkoglu. The ambiance, hospitality, and quality of teachings were over the top with special bonus lectures from leading academics in Crete about their astounding new research regarding the astronomical knowledge of the Minoan Civilization.

I then took a personal holiday exploring some off-the-beaten-path sites I had always been interested in. Here is photo of me at a remote Artemis site that overlooks the village where my paternal grandfather was born. I began dreaming of two new tours I’d like to organize in 2019 and 2020 -An Astrologer’s Pilgrimage to Greece and The Greek Mysteries. Let me know if you’d like to be on the advance mailing list for these events.

Before I left Greece, I saw the movie Wonder Woman, which took place in the mythic land of the Amazons. It reignited my interest in this area of ancient history and while traveling I read The Last of the Amazons by Steven Pressfield. The sculptural pediments of the Acropolis, Delphi, and Olympia were covered with the great battles between the Amazons and Greeks, recalling distant historical or legendary memories of their attack on Athens in the age of Theseus in order to retrieve their queen Antiope who had been abducted or seduced.

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An Ancient Timing Technique that Still Carries Weight

Jacqueline Kennedy OnnasisThe most basic timing method used by almost every ancient astrologer was called the “minor years of the planets.” This method first appears in Babylonian astrology. According to this method, each planet has a “period,” a certain number of years that corresponds to times when it becomes active and brings forth its own events. This number is based upon the planet’s synodic recurrence cycle when it returns to the conjunction with the Sun at the very same degree of the zodiac as the previous time. This timing technique can be used on its own, in combination with ascensional times of the signs, or with other time lord procedures such as zodiacal releasing.

Here are a few simple examples of the predictive power of the technique. I will give the full teaching on this topic and other time lord procedures at my second annual Hellenistic Astrology Retreat this October 2017

Minor Years of the Planets Example - Venus

The minor years of Venus number eight. Sometime during our 8th year, each of us will experience the maturation of the Venus theme relative to the soul’s intention (Sun) as it is indicated in the natal chart. The condition and position of Venus in the natal chart points to how positive or difficult the experience will be. This will be a foreshadowing of all the future Venus-related events that are embedded in this timing procedure.

In the chart of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (July 28, 1929; 2:40 pm, Southampton, NY), Venus is located in Gemini in the 8th house of loss, death, and other people’s money. Venus is contrary to sect, it rules the 7th house of marriage and the 12 house of enemies and sorrows, and is maltreated by difficult aspects with both Mars and Saturn. At the age of 8, her parents separated. One of the causes was her father’s squandering of the reduced family fortune. During youth, a person is unlikely to be married, but if there is a marriage indicator, this will most often be reflected in the parents’ marriage as it affects the child. Note at her birth, the Sun at 5° Leo and Venus 22° Gemini; the synodic reoccurrence on her 8th birthday in 1937 had the Sun at 5° Leo and Venus at 22° Gemini.

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Moonlight, Chiron, and the Solar Eclipses

Moonlight filmA warm hello to everyone for the Spring Equinox this month, a time that ushers in dynamic fresh warming breezes and Persephone’s annual rebirth witnessed by the appearance of crocuses and daffodils sprouting from the cold winter earth. I am still immersed in finishing my workbook on ancient astrology, but before too much time had gone by, I wanted to share my observations concerning Moonlight, the film that won this year’s Academy Award 2017 for best motion picture.

Tony Howard has suggested that the chart of a movie can be taken from the time of its premiere showing. A recent conversation with Keith Murray asking what I thought about the significance of Chiron as the name of the main character in Moonlight reminded me that I had wanted to explore this symbolism in the astrological charts of the film and the actors.  I have long felt that artistic creations that resonate strongly with the collective express some universal archetype and the chart of the film is one way to access its deeper significance.

Look at the following chart for Moonlight’s world premiere showing on Sept 2, 2016 at 8pm at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado (whole sign houses). The presence of Chiron on the Ascendant within 2 degrees of orb is a striking testimony to the power that the names of celestial bodies that mark prominent positions in the chart have in shaping the story that is told.

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Planetary Joys: The Third House Temple of the Moon Goddess

Moon lake by Manu JobstThe ancient texts called the 3rd house by the name Goddess, citing that it was the place where the Moon rejoiced. This correlation was part of a system where each planet was the joy of a particular house and the name of the house was connected to the planet that rejoiced therein. Mercury rejoices in the 1st house of Life; the Moon rejoices in the 3rd house of Goddess, Venus rejoices in the 5th house of Good Fortune; Mars rejoices in the 6th house of Bad Fortune; the Sun rejoices in the 9th house of God; Jupiter rejoices in the 11th house of the Good Daimon Spirit, and Saturn rejoices in the 12th house of the Evil Daimon Spirit. [1]

When a planet occupies the house of its joy, it was exceeding happy and predisposed to bring forth the best of its own qualities. Furthermore, many of the meanings of the houses arise from the nature of the planet that rejoices in it. [2]

Enter into the realm of the Moon Goddess and discover how she bestows many of her own qualities into the meanings of the 3rd house, including sacred rites and observances, dreams, and divination. For the most part, these spiritual topics have fallen out of contemporary understanding of this sector of human experience that lists the main significations as communications, short journeys, and siblings.

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September 2016 Newsletter

Jupiter in Libra: The Justice of Zeus

Ancient Coin ScalesThe themes of justice, law, order, equal rights legislation, and the Supreme Court will be highlighted during Jupiter’s passage through Libra imaged as the Scales of justice.  I am going to look to myth in order to speculate on these trends for this coming year from September 2016 to October 2017.

Mythological Zeus (Jupiter) was the King of the Heavens and supreme among the gods. He was venerated for bringing order, justice, and peace to the world after winning the Great War against the previous dynasty of Titan gods. In his benefic aspect, he shared his power, giving his brothers Poseidon (Neptune) and Hades (Pluto) rule over the Sea and the Underworld, as well as allotting other gods and goddesses their own titles, places of worship and share of offerings. Zeus mediated conflicts among the gods and handed down laws which he gave to kings to administer his justice among mortals.  He was the protector of oaths, of strangers, of suppliants, and of the law of host and guest. Those who broke an oath or injured a stranger offended the honor of Zeus and were punished by him, either in their own person or through their descendants. The assemblies of the people and the meetings of the council by which each city-state was governed were also under Zeus’ protection. 

In his fierce aspect, according to classicist Hugh Lloyd-Jones, Zeus defended the established order (i.e., the establishment) and he punished mortals whose injustices disturbed it. At the same time, he sternly repressed any attempts of men to rise above the humble place where they belong. (1) The sin of hubris was the greatest offense to Zeus, the excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods.

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June 2016 Newsletter

Hellenistic Spear Bearers in the Chart of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders BodyguardsWe do not have a confirmed birth time for Bernie Sanders and I want to be very clear that I am not suggesting a birth time for him based upon an analysis of his chart and life.  I want to talk about the Hellenistic doctrines of spear-bearing bodyguards. And if Bernie was born between 2-2:30 am, he would have a chart that well illustrates the concept. In fact, it would be a chart worthy of a royal king.

The Hellenistic technique called doryphory, which translates as “spear-bearing bodyguards,” was used to identify notable nativities. It was based on the image of eminent figures accompanied and protected by a front line of spear-bearing body guards who preceded them and a rear guard of attendants who followed them in an entourage. The presence of doryphories in the chart signaled the birth of a royal personage.

Hellenistic authors (Antiochus, Porphyry, Paulus, Rhetorius) discussed three kinds of spear-bearing that involve patterns integrating sect, zodiacal rulerships, solar phase, aspects, and angularity – in short, all the paraphernalia of the Hellenistic toolbox.  In its full form the doctrine can be complicated and confusing, but I’ll do my best to lay it out as simply as I can. Sanders would have all three types if he had Cancer as his Ascendant, which coincidentally mirrors the archetypal thema mundi Cancer rising chart of the creation of the world.

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April 2016 Newsletter

Enclosure by Malefics and Benefics - Clinton and Trump

Hillary Clinton astrologyThe Hellenistic aspect doctrine contains a section on maltreatment by aspect, where a planet can be severely injured by another planet so that it has difficulty in bringing forth its positive significations. I will spend a full day teaching these methods during the Hellenistic Astrology Applied Summer Retreat in July. You'll find an introduction to the concepts in this month's newsletter as we look at examples in Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's charts.

Hillary’s Maltreated Venus

Let's start with an example of one of these maltreatment conditions, called "enclosure by malefics," in the chart of Hillary Clinton. I use the 8:02 am chart because the newspaper announcement of her birth quoted her mother saying that Hillary was "born in time for breakfast." The chart is set in whole sign houses, which give a strong angular signature with Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the 1st house and Mars and Saturn (along with Pluto) in the 10th house. [Oct 26, 1947; 8:02 am CST; Chicago, IL]

Hellenistic aspects are understood as the seven visual rays that are emitted by each planet and are directed along the 60, 90, 120, 180 degrees angular slopes. Similar to modern astrology, the trine and sextile rays are sympathetic and the square and opposition rays are harsh. When the malefic planets - Mars or Saturn - are one of the planets involved in the square, opposition (and even conjunction), there is the potential for pain, harm, and injury. We are going to look at one of the seven conditions of maltreatment called enclosure by malefics, which the medieval astrologers referred to as besiegement.

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March 2016 Newsletter

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidates and Mercury Phases

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton debate 2016In the 116 days of Mercury’s synodic cycle, Donald and Bernie share the very same day when Mercury first makes its evening rising appearance, while Hillary and Ted both were born when Mercury made its heliacal set disappearance. What did the ancient astrologers have to say about the unique qualities of planets appearances and disappearances relative to their phase? And what does this suggest about each of the candidate’s ability to sell their message to the American people?

Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger of the gods, was the patron of travelers and merchants who frequented the roads and byways buying and selling their wares. He was also the patron of liars and thieves ever on the alert to con and swindle the gullible. The fast-talking salesman is one essential component of the Mercury archetype. The synodic cycle of Mercury, also known as its solar phase cycle, contains four critical moments when Mercury shifts from one phase to another as it alternately appears after having been hidden and disappears after having been visible. These are the heliacal morning rise and the morning set in the eastern sky, and the evening rise and heliacal evening set in the western sky.

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December 2015 Newsletter

Making Pizza at Fondo Galetea

Making Pizza at Fondo Galetea

Postcards from a Spiritual Journey in Siren Land

We have all returned safely home from another wonderful Starlotus Sacred Sites Tour immersing ourselves in the mythical landscape of the sirens, sibyls, and ancient seers in Southern Italy.

Tiberius Palace on Capri

Tiberius’ Palace atop Capri

Astrology at Villa Jovis

On one of the two peaks of the island of Capri, Emperor Tiberius passed the last decade of his life with his life-long friend, advisor and astrologer Thrasyllus. Thrasyllus was one of the key figures in the transmission of Hellenistic astrology to Rome, via Alexandria and Rhodes and most likely was a direct source for Manilius’ Astronomica. Our group made a circle at the end of the ambulatio near the Specularium, the astronomical observatory where Tiberius and Thrasyllus would observe the stars and then cast and discuss the charts.

Walking on the footseps of Thrasyllus

Walking on the footseps of Thrasyllus

We read aloud Thrasyllus’ Pinax as a word offering to one of the ancient seers of the astrological lineage in gratitude for inspiring the current renaissance of traditional astrology.

In an upcoming webinar, I will share the teachings from this day revealing the scope of Thrasyllus’ influence in the power and politics of the early Roman Empire.

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September 2015 Newsletter

Donald Trump Batters His Enemies – A Medieval Perspective

TrumpIn July, I was preparing my 12th House webinar, and looking for example charts for the topic of enemies. Throughout the Hellenistic and Medieval eras, the main concerns of 12th House inquiries were, “Will I have many enemies or few?” and “Will I be victorious over my enemies or will they destroy me?”

While scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I came across a quote by Donald Trump that began, “Over the years I’ve participated in many battles and have really almost come out very, very victorious every single time. I’ve beaten many people and companies, and I’ve won many wars…”. These words seemed to promise an interesting chart to work the medieval methods of analysis.

In the 12th House webinar, I go through many more details than what I will present here, but I wanted to give you the basic approach to delineating this topic, so we can all watch the campaign events that are unfolding in a classic Roman spectacle style.

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