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The 8th House: Death

Demetra George webinar 8th houseDemetra George presents the 8th of a 12-part webinar series on the twelve astrological houses. Each program focuses in depth on one house, applying traditional astrological theory viewed through the lens of modern astrology. Demetra shares personal thoughts and insights gained over years of study. Each program includes live Q&A with Demetra.

Saturday, September 6, 2014, 9am PT (pacific time)

Why did ancient astrologers call the 8th house the "Idle Inactive Place"? Historically, its primary concern has been the nature of one’s own death and inheriting the goods of the deceased; but over time the meaning changed to include fears, anxieties, the occult, and spiritualism. By the modern period the eighth house has come to symbolize transformation, regeneration, and deep sexuality. Did the modern insights foreshadow the emergence of AIDS, where sex and death intertwine?

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ISAR Astrology Conference 2014

Demetra will present at the ISAR Astrology Conference. Conference lectures:

  • Annual Profections and the Solar Return Chart
  • Hellenistic Aspects and Trauma
  • Mythic Asteroids, Archetypal Astrology, and Travel to SacredSites

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Demetra is the featured speaker at the February 2015 South Florida Astrology Association.

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AFA Astrology Conference 2015

The Cosmic Clock

Demetra Presents:

  • The Timing of Fleet-Footed Mercury
  • The Timing of Illness
  • Timing Aspects by Planetary Periods

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Join Demetra for the 2015 STARLOTUS SACREDSITE TOUR: Sirens, Sibyls, and Seers: A Traveling Symposium to Southern Italy

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Demetra presents at the FEDERATION OF AUSTRALIAN ASTROLOGERS Conference in Sydney in January 2016.

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Teresa of Avila: Venus, Vesta, Juno & Psyche

Asteroids Demetra George In this fascinating lecture, Demetra also tracks the secondary progressions of these asteroids in the context of the unfolding path of Teresa's soul journey towards the Spiritual Marriage.Download Now